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FlexLink helps you gain control over your links in a simple way using a user-friendly interface, no coding required! Find out who your client really is. Where is he/she from and what device is it using.

Find out what features you can add to your link.

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What are «Features»?

Features are additional properties that you can add to your link. You can also combine them.


The link will be valid for the number of clicks you specify.


Expiry Date

The link will work only until the specified date.


Get notified when your link is clicked.


Protect your link with a password.


Attach file

After clicking on the link your file will be automatically downloaded.

Terms & conditions

The user will be redirected to the link only after accepting them.

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Expand your boundaries with the premium package.

Features included:

  • 10,000 active links

  • 5,000 clicks per link

  • Unlimited clicks tracking

  • Import 200 links at a time

  • Export data

  • Premium features


Premium Package

* When paying annually, a 16.67% discount is provided.


Expand your boundaries with the expanded premium package.

Features included:

  • 100,000 active links

  • 50,000 clicks per link

  • Unlimited clicks tracking

  • Import 500 links at a time

  • Export data

  • Premium features

  • Premium Support


Premium+ Package

* When paying annually, a 16.67% discount is provided.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why shorten the link?

Link shorteners are widely used to shorten long URLs, which is useful in many communication channels: social networks, presentations, SMS, instant messengers, and even websites. A short link looks neater and more compact.

How do I shorten my link?

You can shorten your link by entering it in this field. Then press the «Flex it!» button. After that, your link will be shortened and ready for use, all you have to do is copy it.

And it’s all? What else can I do with my link?

Of course, that’s not all! Using our service, you can customize your link by adding features to it. For example, do you need to limit the number of clicks for your link? Use the "clicks" feature. Or would you like to be notified when your link is clicked? Not a question, add a "notifications" feature. Or maybe you need both? Choose two at once! The full list of features is here.

What do I learn about my link visitors?

We provide geolocation data and information about the device from which the click was made. All this data is collected automatically, you do not need to activate anything additionally.

Is it free? Can I use the service right now?

Oh, sure. Right now you can register for free and use the service for your needs. We also have a paid subscription that will expand the boundaries of using the service, for example, the limit on the number of active links will be removed, as well as others.

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